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To The Kid Inside All of Us

The greatest joy in life might be the ability to provide happiness and opportunities to those who are yearning for them. Out of everyone on this planet, the group who are most excited and want those opportunities the most are students. Because it is in their nature to play and through play is how they learn and grow. 

Our mission is to be the catalyst that sparks their imagination and we can achieve that by giving students opportunities to try things in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. To also give students opportunities to learn through play in a safe and supportive environment so that they may thrive and continue this mission when it's their turn.

- GrowthPoint Technologies, Inc

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Our Home is Central California

Image by Grant Porter

With Fresno office location, our team puts their heart and soul in serving the community that they came from. Our mission to serve and give students more opportunities than ever before.

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Join our team of instructors, programmers and educators.

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