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GrowthPoint Technologies Present

Digital Creator Video Competition


Digital Creator Video Competition is a film contest for after school program students that was a part of GrowthPoint Technologies (GPT) Multimedia class during the 2022-2023 school year. GPT's instructors challenged their students to create a short film with the theme of "Dreams". A committee of after school program leaders will watch and score each video to determine each place. A people's choice award will be given to the video that received the most votes from various after school programs across Fresno County.


  • 1st Place: $500

  • 2nd Place: $250

  • 3rd Place: $150

  • People's Choice: $300

Winner Livestream Announcement:

  • 5/26/2023

Video Submissions

La Llorona

By: Adriana Lopez Z, Andrea Ceballos, 

Marisela Lopez Zamora, and Destiny Martinez

Having drowned her own children, La Llorona is an evil entity who is in search of new ones to make her own.

Horror X Nightmare

By: Susan Mendez, Presley Ruiz, Laylah Reyna, Evelynn Lopez, Mellany Hernandez, Royce Ruiz, Addison Oritz, and Evelynn Lopez

Two girls are studying. One decides to leave and then things take a dark turn.


By: Miguel Mendoza, Somaya Wilson, Ilan Ibarra, and Sade Ortiz

A girl is stuck in a dream loop. Ghosts are haunting her and she is unable to escape her nightmare.

Santiago's Tadpole Galaxy

By: Damian Martinez

This is a story about a young frog who loves the cosmos.

It's Back

By: Elloit Luther, Natalie Elizond,; Maya Raina, and Yareli Guiterrez

A girl falls asleep in class. While asleep she gets chased by and unknown entity.

Day Dreams

By: Miguel Aguilar, David Martinez, Eric Saldana, Ezequiel Guzman, Cristobal Montanez, and Juan R.

A young kid gets bored in class and begins dreaming different scenarios. 

A boy who walks home alone runs into a strange man. He is followed and chased until he realizes the strange man knows his greatest fear,.. pencils. While trying to escape the boy ends up running into a pole only to wake up and find out he was dreaming the whole time.

By: Jared Ramirez, Audree Flores, Aleksis Delgadillo, and Iker Jimenez


Another's Dream

By: Salvador Hernandez, Sergio Gonzales, Aubree Anderson, Damian Marquez, and Dakota Hickey

In this short film, a person who was being haunted in the past has been freed, only to discover they are now cursed with having to haunt others.

The Franchise

By: Damian Rodriguez, Nathan Beltran, Ava Rojas, Izayah Vasquez, Nathan Guerrerro, Marissa Gonzalez, and Dylan Sanchez

A boy who is bad at football begins to train everyday in order to become a better player and go pro.

The Big Dream

By: Ismael Murillo, Arianna Suarez, and 

Jovanni Ramirez

A boy is curious about the sport soccer and decides we wants to start playing. Although he struggles at first, he continues to practice and doesn't give up, gradually getting better over time.

The Bad Dream

By: Gorge Rodriguez

A boy travels through his own dream in search of his real body so he can wake himself up.

Dream to Travel

By: Alexa M.L

This Short film is about a girl named Layla and her dream to travel the world and one day visit Jalisco, Mexico.


" I was inspired by little me when I wanted to go to Jalisco and on December or 2021 I was finally able to go."  - Alexa

The Sad Shadow

By: Axel Sanchez

Even a shadow can dream.

The Accident

By: Robin

Is it guilt? Or just a nightmare? This creative short will leave you wondering.

The Room

By: Naileah Trujillo

This is an animated short about a girl who is teleported to a random room that looks like a daycare. Everytime the girl tries to leave, something happens to her. When the girl wakes up she gets afraid, but then she goes back to sleep and something unexpected happens.

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